Aula 3 - more present continuous, questions and negative form, the articles.

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Aula 3 - more present continuous, questions and negative form, the articles. Empty Aula 3 - more present continuous, questions and negative form, the articles.

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Aula 3

Continuação do present continuous: regras especiais. Aula cheia de verbos.

Nunca foi cobrado pelo CESPE grafia das palavras, mas não quer dizer que eles não possam cobrar e é bom porque a gente aprende uns verbos novos e revisa um pouco.

Em outras palavras, não precisa se preocupar muito com isso, a não ser saber que existe e a gente aprende uns verbos novos. Se preocupem mais com os verbos do que com as regras.

Em geral, acrescenta-se o ING ao fim do verbo principal. Contudo, há alguns casos excepcionais.

 write – writing; bake – baking;
 rebel – rebelling; repel – repelling;
 prefer – preferring; forget – forgetting; kidnap – kidnapping
 lie – lying; die – dying.
o Lie – say something that is not true -, or lie down.
o DYE – to dye your hair.

The question form. Yes/no questions.

Mais simples com o verb to be: verbo vem para o começo:
• It is a sunny day => Is it a sunny day?
Quando tem verbo auxiliar, somente ele vem para o começo, e o resto da frase continua na ordem direta.
• My mum is driving her car => Is my mom driving her car?
• Both Ross’ siblings are going home => are both Ross’ siblings going home?

The negative form

Diferente do português, com o verbo to be, negativa após o verbo:
• They are ugly => They are not ugly.
Nas demais construções, sempre após o verbo auxiliar:
• His children are sleeping => his children are not sleeping.
• Lucas’ pets are irritating the whole building => Lucas’ pets are not irritating…

Short answers and contractions.

 am => ’m.
 are => ’re
 is=> ’s
 not=> n’t

Short answers: o verbo usado será o verbo auxiliar:
 yes, I am/no, I am not [no, I’m not];
 yes, you are/no, you are not [no, you’re not/no, you aren’t].
 yes, it is/no, it is not [no, it’s not/no, it isn’t];

• Obs.: AIN’T é a contração de várias formas – am not, is not, are not... –, e NÃO é usada na linguagem formal.

The articles

Definite: the; indefinite: a/an.
A becomes AN before words starting with A, E, I, O, U:
 An apple, an umbrella, an orange, an interesting program.
o AN HOUR (não se pronuncia o H);
o A university, a european country (pronounces like yuniversity, yuropean).
 Ex.: I have a dog and a cat. The dog is a male, while the cat is a female.
CUIDADO: não se usa o artigo antes de pronome possessivo!
Também não se usa o THE antes de:
• Breakfast;
• Nomes de países em geral (exceção: the United States, the United Kingdom, the Dominican Republic);
• Go to: school, work, bed, church, university, college, prison, jail.
• Next/last week/month/year/summer etc.
o We don’t have class next Saturday.
o Last year was a great year.

Read the lyrics of the following song, by The Beatles, and judge the items below:
Wednesday morning at five o'clock, as the day begins…
Silently closing her bedroom door,
Leaving the note that she hoped would say more,
She goes downstairs to the kitchen, clutching her handkerchief.
Quietly turning the backdoor key,
Stepping outside she is free.

Q. 1: the verb “begins” (l. 1) could be replaced by the verb “starts”.
Q. 2: in the text, “clutching” (l. 4) means “holding”.
Q. 3: One can state that the narrator is a girl, of whom the song talks about.
Q. 4: The song tells a story about a girl who had been kidnaped.
Q. 5: One can infer the girl the song is talking about is an only child.
Q. 6: One can infer the girl didn’t want to wake up whoever else was in the house.
Q. 7: The girl reached liberty.
Q. 8: The girl left through the front door.
Q. 9: The house in which the girl was leaving has at least ground and first floor.
Q. 10: The girl is satisfied about the note she left.

3rd tip: Consoantes desacompanhadas (fitness, don’t, want, talk, night, did, how I met, need for speed etc.).


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